superlative oils

The premier oil formulation that is actually healthy for your brain and body.

LoLa = low linoleic

When we say low, we mean it. 30 times lower than inflammatory seed oils such soybean or rapeseed oil, and >3x lower than even avocado or olive oil!

Linoleic acid = inflammation

The "heart healthy" oils you have been consuming all your life known to have poor oxidative stability and decompose into toxic compounds such as HNE in your body, similarly to how they break down from heat in cooking. This increases your risk of neurodegenerative diseases, skin cancer, weight gain, metabolic disorders, and is a central all-around factor across practically all "diseases of modernity".Linoleic acid falls under the category of PUFAs (polyunsaturates), and with a name like that, are you really all that surprised it leads to inflammation?

LoLa Oil feels good

When you cut out the linoleic acid, within days you feel better. The moment you go to a "nice" restaurant that is filled with the same seed oils as a fast food place, the aches of the substance unfit for human consumption hit within minutes. An effortless way to shift your health.

Macadamia + Coconut + Algal
= LoLa Oil

Macadamia is one of the richest sources of omega-7 fatty acids with its highly monounsaturated composition. A bit of refined coconut oil boosts the healthy saturated fatty acids, including ketone-body-forming medium-chain-triglycerides, while also ensuring a superior (neutral) flavor in cooked foods compared to too highly monounsaturated oils. Finally, unlike harmful seeds, algal oil with 40% DHA levels gets you the omega-3 that really matters for your brain and body.Your body is a fingerprint of the fats you have eaten over multiple years. Time to return to your best self.

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